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Panna has been given the award of Excellence the best maintained Tourist Friendly Nation Park of the Country by the Ministry of Tourism....

Panna in Madhya Pradesh,is the only Diamons city of Asia. Visit the Panna mines, the main attraction of Panna and enjoy the Diamond tour offered my MP. Khajuraho which is an international heritage centre,& has world renowned temple groups.It is 45 kms. from Panna.

Places to See:

  • River Kilkila the Life Line of Panna, is flowing along with Kahuaseha, a gorge, about 10 KMS away from the main city.
  • Khajuraho(popular tourist spot)
  • Dhubela(Museum about 80 km from Panna)
  • Pandav fall is about 12kms from Panna towards Khajuraho.
  • Raneh Fall(Water fall near to khajuraho)
  • Ken river is an excellent place to view aquatic predators.
  • Panna Tiger Resorts situated in panna district.
  • Buildings of historical importance including Swami Pran Nath temple and Sri Baldeo Ji temple.