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Minimum Information Prescribed under the RTI Act, 2005
APIO:- Sh. A.C. Rajput, Principal, KV, Panna

S.N. Information ( Establish a link with each of the entries underneath) Available / not available
Details of Principal as APIO along with telephone NO. and e-mail address. Available
1 Admission Guidelines in vogue. Available in the office
2 Calendar of activities; Academic; Co-scholastic and Games & Sports. Available in the office
3 Select list of candidates for admission to various classes & select list of waitlisted candidates for admission to various classes (Gen, SC, ST, PH). Available in the office
4 Minutes of VMC meetings (2008-09 and onwards). Available in the office
5 VVN Budget approved by the VMC for the current academic session. Available in the office
6 Minutes of PTA (E.C.) meetings (2008-09 and onwards). Available in the office
7 Any other information which the K.V. wishes to disclose proactively. Available in the office

Frequently asked questions related to admission in KV

Q.No. Question Answer
1, I(a) and I(b) What is the class-wise eligibility criterion for the admission of the age of a child in different classes?     a .If the date of birth of a child is 31.3.2004 i.e exactly five years as on 31.3.2009, the cut off date whether admission may be granted in class I ?   b. Is relaxation of age is given to the SC/ST children and physically challenged candidates in admission in KV? (A) A child must be 5 years old on 31st March in the academic year in which admission is being sought for admission to class I. For subsequent classes, the eligible age would be calculated as on 30th September of the academic year. from 2009-10, qualifying age i.e. 31st March will be applicable up to class II and so on progressively year after year. ( B) An upper age limit for admission is fixed as the minimum age limit plus two years. No child would be eligible for admission in a class if the age is more than this maximum age prescribed. The maximum age would be further relaxed by two years for handicapped children. These cases will be disposed of at the level of the principal. There will be no relaxation of upper age limit exceeding two years. Minimum and maximum age for each class is given below:
Class Minimum Age on 31st March of the year in which admission is sought Maximum Age on 31st March of the year in which admission is sought
I 5 7
Class Minimum Age on 30th September of the year in which admission is sought Maximum Age on 30th September of the year in which admission is sought
II 6 8
III 7 9
IV 8 10
V 9 11
VI 10 12
VII 11 13
VIII 12 14
IX 13 15
X 14 16
(C) There is no age restriction for admissions to Class XI provided the concerned child is seeking admission in the year of passing the class X examination. Similarly there will be no upper & lower age limit for admission to Class XII provided there has been no break in the continuous study of the child after passing class X/XI. (D) Eligible age for admission in foreign KVS will be governed by Para 4(A)(B)&(C). Yes, as it is not mentioned between 05 to 07 years. Rather, mentioned from 5 to 7 years. The maximum age would be further relaxed by two years for handicapped children. These cases will be disposed of at the level of the principal. No relaxation of age is given to SC/ST candidates
2. What are the criteria for admissions of Single girl child in different classes and exemptions of VVN fee? (a) Admissions in Class-I: After admitting the candidates up to the full intake capacity as per norms, if there are single female children regardless of their categories left among the unsuccessful applicants, up to two single female children may be admitted over and above the sanctioned intake in each section of class - I. For selection on this basis, inter se priority among such single female children shall be as per the categorization in Para-3 (A) of the Admission Guidelines. ( b) Admission in Classes VI onwards : Single female children of employees coming under categories I-VI who do not qualify for admission based on their rank in the admission test/ qualifying examination but who obtain the minimum qualifying marks, may be admitted up to a maximum of two girls per class, over and above the sanctioned strength. In the event of there being more than two such applicants for a class, selection will be based on (i) inter se priority for different categories as given in Para-3(A) and (ii) relative rank in the admission test, within the category. Single girls belonging to Category I to VI are exempted from paying VVN fee subject to the condition that the parents(Mother and father) has to submit an affidavit every year that no 2 nd child was given birth. This facility not extended to Cat VII candidate.
3. What is the category of the wards of home guards and Contractual Teachers of MP Govt.? Category of home guard/ Contractual teacher in Civil sector/Defence sector KVs is VII However, if the competent authority issues certificate that their services are regular, they may be treated to be Cat IV, V VI as per the admission rule.
4. What is the category of the wards of the employees of Limited Company? Category VII in Civil/defence sectors KV
5. and 5(a) What should be the category of the wards of State Govt. employees of other state domiciled in MP?     Whether those candidates may be considered for admission against sponsoring quota recommended by the Chairman/ Distt. Collector The category is determined uniformly for all state govt employees regardless of the fact that the parents are regular employees of UP/Maharstara/ any state govt. It is prerogative of the Chairman/Sponsoring agency to recommend the names of the candidates for admission against sponsoring quota but the parents must be the employees of the sponsoring agency and admission may be granted as per prescribed limit of the class.
6. Admissions on the basis of Special dispensation and HRD Ministry Quota Admissions can be granted over and above the strength of the class except X and XII subject to the following conditions 1. No. of such admissions should not exceed 5% of the fresh admissions made in that academic Year. 2.The candidate should be eligible for admission and cater all the requirements of the class in which admission is sought as laid down in admission guidelines
7. Rule for fresh admission in Class X and XII         Whether the candidate has to qualify the admission Test to be conducted for fresh admission in Class X and XII if the candidate fulfills all the criteria as per admission guidelines? Admission to Class X and XII will be considered by the Asstt. Commissioner of the regions concerned, subject to the children fulfilling the following conditions:- i) The Vacancies are available. ii) If the average strength in classes X.& XII remains below 40 till the last week of July, Children passing Class IX & XI from CBSE affiliated schools of the station may be admitted, if they fulfill other eligibility conditions. iii) The child has been in the same course of studies i.e in the CBSE - affiliated school. iv) The child must have obtained not less than 50% marks in class IX & XI examination. v) The child should be eligible as per KVs admission guidelines. vi) The combination of subjects are available in Kendriya Vidyalayas. Not required. Admission may be granted as per conditions mentioned above.
8. Rule for admission on the basis of TC issued from Army school. Only the son and daughters of army/armed force personnel coming from any station to a station where a Kendriya Vidyalaya exists, should be given admission in the Kendriya Vidyalaya on the basis of the transfer certificate issued by the educational institutions run by these authorities affiliated to CBSE by treating them at par with KVs in the matter of admission. Any transfer must involve change of station as stipulated in KVS Transfer Guidelines.

Provisions of KVS Admission Guidelines including the eligibility criteria for age and marks will be followed Also the fee including VVN is to be paid from the month of admission of the child in the Kendriya Vidyalaya regardless of the fact the fee for succeeding months have already been paid in the school from which TC has been issued for admission to KV. TCs issued by the CBSE schools of Defence Ministry / Deptts. / Authority will be endorsed by the concerned Assistant Commissioner of the region where admission is sought. In case of over crowding n a school the choice of school to be allotted to the child rests with the concerned Assistant Commissioner.